Official 6 Wk Summer FlowFit Challenge // starts 6/25

Hi, I am Summer.

People call me a coach, a yoga teacher, a movement specialist, and an entrepreneur. At the end of the day, I am on a mission to teach people about FlowState. I aim to help people understand the physical practice of Flow, as well as the psychology of Flow so that they can tap into positive behavioral change and manifest their dreams into reality. And that is what I do in all aspects of my life, whether it is Clubbell Yoga, Flow State Summit or at the Flow Shala... my main goal is educating people on Flow.

Find out all the details about the Summer FlowFit Challenge here.


I am really excited to take my community (the Flow Shala team & my clients) through the Summer FlowFit Challenge as an experiment in coaching the masses. I come from a corporate wellness background, where behavioral change and creating a culture for wellness really matters. 

Personally, I am looking forward to shifting my mindset around a few things: money, personal relationships with spouses and work life balance. I will be doing my daily FlowFit, daily meditation and journaling around visualizing how I want to shift those parts of my life and what I want to create for myself there. 


For me, I have recently taken a big interest in leadership and entrepreneur operating systems, and Flow is something that I am teaching to everyone on my team. It looks like a consistent ebb of self care, research, productivity and creativity, and then cycling through again on that wave. 

In my workouts it currently looks like: 

Monday / Moderate

Tuesday / High 

Wednesday /Moderate

Thursday / Moderate 

Friday / no 

Saturday / Moderate 

Saturday Low 

In my personal Summer FlowFit Challenge I'm excited to ADD 20 minutes of FlowFit to 3 of my moderate days...


Currently, I have my workouts mapped out each week and I have also carved out time every Tuesday to explore the Ashtanga Primary series, by Patabhi Jois with one of my very best friends, Bethany Lauren. We both practice vinyasa, power and Clubbell Yoga, and it has been really nice to reclaim our 'sacred sister' time together and to study the classical asana exactly as it was when it came over from Mysore India. 


My current understanding of the Energetic Centers, or chakras, comes from Anadea Judiths teachings and my understanding of somatics. I have been coaching my Flow State of Mind clients to understand both Flow and their 7 energetic centers through my signature one on one coaching program for over 2 years now, and it astounds me how much this shifts their mindset and belief in themselves. For myself personally, I know that I am excessive in the third eye, meaning I am constantly visualizing new plans and ideas. Also probably a little excessive in creativity, but learning how to channel it into projects and people. 



You may find me Flowing at the Lookout Arts Quarry on the floating dock, usually with my Mace. Or at the Flow Shala, before classes I aim to get my 20 minutes of FlowFit in if I can... I also love Boulevard Park and plan to lead some large scale classes outdoors this summer there. 

If you have any questions at all, or want to make sure this challenge is a good fit for you... don't hesitate to reach out and contact me here. 


Summer Huntington