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Private Coaching Meets Group Classes 

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Group Classes

We offer a combination of 6-week series classes and drop-in classes.

Committing to a regular class is the best way to get results. We know you’ll love how you feel training with us regularly. Get started today!

Check the schedule below to check out class times that work for you.

Private Coaching

Looking for a deeper understanding of your body and extra support?

Flow shala is now offering private coaching to help you optimize your training, tune into proper form/alignment and give you one-on-one goal setting.

Contact us to get started!

Upcoming Events:

Inversion Fundamentals 3-Part Workshop:


In these workshops you will learn a variety of conditioning and mobilizing drills to integrate into your practice. These drills are intended to help build the strength, range of motion and body awareness required to mindfully practice inversions of all kinds. Combined with the anatomy specific education and ample Q&A time you’ll be provided, you can expect to gain confidence in your journey with being inverted.

Starting March 16th, each workshop will build upon the first. Beginners are highly encouraged to register for the the 1st workshop in order to gain fundamental skills necessary prior to practicing some of the more advanced content in workshops 2 and 3. Those with more experience are welcome to attend the 1st workshop, and are highly encouraged to share some insight to progressing with inversions among the class.

We are capping the enrollment at 12 total, assuring that enough attentions is provided to each student throughout this educational series. Please sign up ahead of time to reserve your spot! You will need to sign up for each date that you would like to attend. 

Workshop Dates and Times:

April 6th 1-3:30pm

May 11th 2-4:30pm


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More than Just Yoga

We want everyone to find Flow at our studio, which is why we offer indepth class series where you can progress and learn. We have so much to offer, and we want YOU to be successful in every endeavor. Trust us to help you access Flow. 


Our Team

Our Instructors are held to a high standard, with years of teaching experience and alignment focused cueing. You will learn something new in each and every class. We focus on the Kinesiology behind the movements, and emphasize somatic cueing to help you tap into Flow State. 

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Located in the Lettered District

Close to downtown,1.5 Miles from Lakeway freeway exit. 

FREE Street parking, biking encouraged. 

1303 Astor St 

Bellingham, WA

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