The Consistency of Flow

Hello! My name is Megan Percy and I am so stoked for the Flow State Challenge! Summer has been my coach for almost two years now, and has made a bigger impact in my life then I will EVER be able to describe!


I am a mover at heart, and play multiple rolls in the Bellingham community as a movement coach.  Between coaching at Fit Body Wellness, teaching yoga at WWU, running beer + yoga classes at breweries, and managing the Flow Shala, I educate others on ways to feel better through movement and wellness practice. The Flowfit challenge will be an amazing way to get everyone in our community excited about movement. This challenge will open the doors for everyone to discuss their goals, challenges, and wellness journey to people they may not typically talk to.


Personally, I am wanting to see the effect that journaling every day has on my well-being, and am looking to building a rhythm to my movement practice again. I am excited for the support of my coach, peers, and clients as I get back on a consistent four-day wave! Having a mostly consistent work schedule has really allowed me to create rituals throughout my week. During my days off I get outside for my physical practice, usually with a friend making it a social event as well. This allows me to reset and reconnect before my week begins. I also find one evening a week, typically Friday night, to decompress- taking a bath, using a face mask, and practice gentle yoga or s.m.r. My long work days are also my high intensity workout days, allowing me to keep my momentum through the day! I need to bring more attention to finding the no,low,mod,high wave, as my exercise intensity each day varies.

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I have found that I am easily persuaded to shift my practices around depending on what I have going on that day. My biggest barrier is consistency in patterns, and definitely needs the most attention in my life. I am really looking forward to having external support from my community! 

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I usually feel as though I don't share my movement goals with others, not for any particular reason, and having the support will help keep me on track. I also am super excited to help others find their flow and to feel each other's success when we accomplish our goals!


Summer Huntington