Beginning Inversions with

Adrienne Renee & Lyndz Kelly


Flow Shala is offering a 2-part Inversion Workshop lead by Adrienne Renee and Lyndz Kelly! In these workshops you will learn a variety of conditioning and mobilizing drills to integrate into your practice. These drills are intended to help build the strength, range of motion and body awareness required to mindfully practice inversions of all kinds. Combined with the anatomy specific education and ample Q&A time you’ll be provided, you can expect to gain confidence in your journey with inversions.

Each workshop is welcome to beginners, though it is highly encouraged to register for the the workshop in April in order to have more time practicing the fundamental skills built upon in the May workshop. Those with more experience are of course welcome to attend both, and it is highly encouraged to share about your practice with inversions.

Workshop Details:

April 6th 1-3:30pm

May 11th 1-3:30pm

Register on MindBody

1 for $40

2 for $75

Workshop 1:

Spinal Foundations

Saturday April 6th 1-3:30pm at Flow Shala Studio

Class Outline

Introductions + Intentions

Anatomy Basics

Joint Mobilization + Wrist Condition (synovial fluid talk)

Core and Spine Education (curves, range of motion, balance etc)

Shoulder + Hip Conditioning


Sun Salutation A: with and without straps and blocks

    • Headstand + Forearm Drills

      • Safety precautions

      • Partner work

Sun Salutation B: warriors combined with inversion specific drills

Closing stretching + discussions

Workshop 2:

Learning to Trust (on hands)

Saturday May 11th 1-3:30pm at Flow Shala Studio

Class Outline

Introductions + Intentions

Joint mobilization + Wrist Conditioning

Core, Shoulder + Hip Conditioning

Flow Fit Series Conditioning


Headstand + Forearm Drills

Neck + Shoulder Release (RAD Rolling)

Handstand Drills (at and away from wall)

Decomp Stretching + Closing Discussion