Our Team

Get to know our team of Flow educators and coaches.

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Summer Huntington, MS

Summer is fierce with a strong pedagogy and will get you results you never thought possible. You’ll merge ancient tools with modern wisdom, and step into what’s known as Flow State.   

Summer is an educator first and foremost, a movement & performance coach by trade and a leader in the ever evolving Flow industry. She has been fortunate to have studied under Scott Sonnon since 2006, served as a Head Coach for RMAX International and is the founder and director for Clubbell Yoga globally. Summer marvels at her students both far and near for their dedication to this strong practice, and is honored to empower individuals to tap into boundless Flow potential in her classes, seminars, workshops and her annual Flow State Summit. 

She holds a Masters in Kinesiology from Western, where she started the staff and faculty Wellness program as a graduate student in 2009. Summer completed her 500 Hour Advanced Yoga teacher training with yoga scholar and all around wonderful human, Noah Maze at Wanderlust Hollywood. She created Flow Shala to be the perfect blend of ritual, playfulness and wisdom that makes you crave movement. 


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Coach Megan Percy 

egan received her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology Pre-Healthcare Professions at WWU, providing her a foundation to help others with rehabilitative movement, personal training, personal nutrition, motor learning, and overall health. Megan holds her Level One Yogafit certification, is a NSCA- Certified Personal Trainer, as well as Clubbell Yoga Certified. 
Megan’s personal experience in practicing yoga, weight lifting, and combined education of the human body developed her passion on using movement to improve overall well-being for the community that she lives in. Slowing down to realize what your body needs is of the utmost importance. Her goal is to provide you with the tools to understand what your mind-body truly needs to work on. By training physically with dedication and intention, your mental and emotional wellness will improve as well. 

  • Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology- Pre-healthcare Professions 
  • Yogafit certified
  • Clubbell Yoga certified
  • NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer 


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Coach ADrienne Beattie

Adrienne is passionate about educating her Structural Medicine clients and Yoga students on anatomy -- especially myofascia -- and it's significance in movement, integration and injury rehabilitation. At  Flow Shala, Adrienne teaches her signature Meridians in Yoga influenced by Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains.

As a person who loves dialogue, she enjoys hosting a workshop-style class to allow the space for students to ask questions as they arise. 

  • 200 Hour Hot Yoga Certified 
  • Clubbell Yoga 
  • 40 Hour Cadaver Dissection Completed led by Thomas Myers
  • Structural Medicine Grad Student


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Maia Bremmerer

In this fast paced world we live in, Maia’s number one priority is to combat the effect of stress. She received her mindfulness-based yoga teacher training and became a RYT200 in 2017.  Her teaching combines an alignment focused yoga practice with RAD roller self myofascial release and mindful breath work to build strength and  structural integrity in the body while combatting physical and emotional stress. 


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Atara Young

Atara has continued to find ways that spark a new creativity in her through movement in everything from Clubbell Yoga, pole dancing, aerial silks and steel mace. She hopes to be able to facilitate an environment in which more people are willing to explore the flow of their own body and the confidence in it as well. 

 Yoga has been a bridge for dancing, focusing in on rhythmic flow yoga. 



Brooke Andrews

Brooke has been in the healing arts for 25 years practicing The Rolf method of Structural Integration, Crania-Sacral therapy and movement. She can see where someone is impeded in their posture and well being. And, it is her life work to inspire others to heal themselves and not become so dependent on other therapies that may only manage or enable pain. She got into the healing art therapies after 4 knee surgeries had left her with knee, hip and heavy back pain. She brings the inspiring work of Foundations Training to Flow Shala where she guide and teaches the appropriate exercises to eliminate pain and improve posture and overall performance.

"There is nothing about the human body that cannot be better." 

  • Foundations Training
  • Structural Integration/Rolf Method
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

Coach Bethany Lauren

I was an avid weight lifter for years, and after a deadlifting injury that left me unable to walk, I realized that I needed to do something different.  I approached Summer Huntington (Founder of Clubbell Yoga) looking for a way to rebuild from the damage I did to my body. That became the turning point for me. I haven’t trained in the same way since.

 After training for several years with Summer, I went on to complete the Clubbell Yoga certification.  I fell in love with this practice, not only for the strength that I gained but the confidence in the way that I moved. From there it was a transition into power yoga. I am always looking to grow my knowledge and skill set and look forward to continue to further not only my own training but that of my clients.

  • 200 Hour Yoga Certified
  • Clubbell Yoga Certified 


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Coach kate Stevenson

Kate received her B.S. in Exercise Science from Western in 2000 and has been a movement instructor ever since. With a rich background in dance, Kate emphasizes movement technique, rhythm, and joy in her classes.

With a passion to learn and a passion to teach, Kate eats up every opportunity to move whether in dance rehearsal, on a mountain bike, running the trails of Bellingham, in a yoga class or teaching any class format. It's an honor to work, live and thrive in the Bellingham community. 

  • NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • ACSM Heath/Fitness Instructor
  • Aerobics and Fitness Association Certified (AFAA)
  • Polestar Pilates Instructor
  • Clubbell Yoga

Camelia Neigh

Camellia teaches and performs creative movement internationally. Her movement language informed by a variety of modalities, from partner acrobatics and yoga to contemporary dance. She is passionate about empowering students to drop into their bodies and creativity, transcending linear narratives and facilitating the exploration of healing, expression, communication, growth, trust, touch, and play. 

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Kate Laspina

Kate has been teaching yoga in Bellingham since 2008. She is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor at the Introductory II Level.
In 2013, Kate became a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and currently works in both Skilled Inpatient Rehab and in a clinical Outpatient setting. 
Kate is a "forever student", endlessly inspired by many disciplines, and especially inspired by the creative dialogue of colleagues, students, and play!
Kate fuses together Yoga, Functional Movement, & Play to awaken her students to their innate Vitality.

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Luke Zonka 

Luke is passionate about movement, play, parkour and integrating somatic healing into his sessions. He has studied Clubbell Yoga & FlowFit with Summer, as well as several courses with Rafe Kelley. He leads outdoor excursions, monkey play and so much more. 

Luke draws from many movement practices, his passion for dance and movement and his personal desire to facilitate healing.