Losing 20 pounds and Stepping into Flow with Tom

Meet Tom Carron, one of our most dedicated Flow Shala & Fit Body Wellness clients. He recently finished the Summer 6 Weeks to Flow Challenge, and made some RAD progress including regular meditation and dropping 20 pounds. You may find Tom sweating it out at Clubbell Yoga classes at the Shala or cracking jokes with our team, we are stoked to have him as part of our Flow community. 

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Q: Who are you and how do you show up in the Bellingham Community?

Tom: I have been in the aerospace composites industry my entire career which now spans 38 years.  I currently work for Hexcel in Burlington and have been with them for almost 28 years with 21 years in Burlington.  We manufacture aircraft parts out of structural honeycomb.  I have worked as a materials engineer, manufacturing engineer, tech support, and operations. 

I have one new hobby and one I am “reliving.”  I realize the first one may be a bit controversial, but my wife, Pam, purchased 2 Glock hand guns for us for my birthday this summer and we have spent a good deal a time at the shooting range.  I also have started playing the guitar again after not playing for about 30 years.  We also have 3 very active Golden Retrievers that keep us busy as the love to go on hikes and the water.  Our favorite places are Little Squalicum Trail which leads to the beach and also Lake Padden.


Toms Experience Trying Flow Shala’s Summer 6-Week Flow Challenge

Tom: For me, the Summer 6 Week Challenge was an opportunity to expand into different classes.  I have had the great fortune to work with a very special coach, Megan,  one on one for about 10 months once per week prior to the challenge.  It was because of her I even started at Fit Body Wellness.  We had known each other for several years before thru Woods Coffee.  She had been talking about what she was doing as a movement coach and sounded like something I wanted to try as I get older to improve my very poor mobility.  Boy, am I glad I did.  So, my original intentions for the Challenge were to experience other classes and other instructors and expose myself to as much as I could.  I have never done any kind of yoga or movement instruction before.  So, it was great to experience different coaches and different types of training.”

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Q: How did you notice your body/mind shift during the 6 Weeks Challenge? What was the biggest change for you? 

Tom: The biggest changes for me were definitely with my body. I dropped about 20 pounds during the challenge as I was also incorporating a macro based nutrition plan at the same time.  My mobility continued to improve a little faster as took advantage of the classes at the studio going 3 to 4 times per week.  I think the biggest change may be an improved endurance



What do you love most about the Flow Shala studio and team? 

Tom: This question is so easy for me to answer and without a doubt it is the coaches that I love most about Flow Shala.  It was so great to experience a number of different coaches during the challenge and their unique perspectives and the way they approached their training.  The things that they all have in common are that they are very approachable, make you feel welcome, are patient, observant, know when you are struggling with an exercise and offer modifications.  They make the sessions challenging for every level of skill and fitness, but also doable for those of us with less skill and a lower fitness level. They all have a genuine concern for their clients and you can feel it. I started at Fit Body Wellness/Flow Shala because of the character of Megan and will continue because of the character of all of the coaches I have had the pleasure of working with. And yes, I have signed up for the 6 Week Fall Challenge!

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If you weren't 100% compliant in the 6 Weeks to Flow Challenge, how would you like to improve during the Fall 6 Weeks Flow Challenge? What was the hardest part for you?

 Tom: Flowfit was the hardest part for me and incorporating those exercises more frequently will be a goal for the fall.  My goal will be to complete an entire pyramid without having to take a break. 

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