Flow in Many Different Forms


Hi, I'm Kate Stevenson and I've been studying Clubbell Yoga for 8 months. I love it as a lifelong dancer and movement instructor of many forms. I have just begun teaching Clubbell Yoga at WWU in the Faculty/Staff Wellness program and at Flow Shala and find myself eager to do more and learn more which is one reason I am looking forward to the Summer FlowFit Challenge.


To me the FlowFit Challenge means optimal recovery with intelligent movement infused in a consistent schedule. I want to de-clutter my busy mind. I want to bring meditation into my daily routine, since it's never been included. 

kate dance.jpg

I access Flow everytime I dance. I understand the benefit and beauty of finding it. As an instructor, I want to help others find it. As a mover, I want to be in it daily. As a mom, I want to teach my children how to find it.  

kate s.jpg

EVERYTIME I'm outdoors I'm filled with appreciation for life. I love the fresh air, the green, the smell of water, the terrain of the earth. I want to move every morning between 5:30am - 7:30am. I would love to flow on a beach or dock or paddle board this summer (like at Summer's weekend event Flow State Summit).


I'm so excited to embark on the journey of Flow Shala's 6-week challenge to infuse the wave of No/Lo/ Med/High into my schedule and be with a community of supportive, beautiful people that care for themselves and others. 

Summer Huntington