Flowing Into Practice, Not Perfect

 I have only just begun studying with Summer. One of the things we initially connected over was our love of self myofacial release and specifically the RAD Roller tools. I have been practicing yoga since my early teens, and recently began my teaching journey. I believe in teaching what you practice, which in my case is an alignment based vinyasa flow rooted in Ashtanga yoga. As an athlete I teach and practice under the principle that we fuel ourselves in many different ways- and yoga and SMR are some of the best tools with which to fuel a vibrant and full life! 

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The Summer FlowFit challenge is an opportunity for me to rebuild my personal movement practice using new modalities and tools. With the support of the community I would like to find a new sense of flow both in the studio and out.


My schedule shifts weekly, and because of this I find myself lacking the rhythm that I crave. I have wonderful self care rituals, but my movement practice tends to be lower intensity and restorative. I can’t wait to bring more high intensity days to my week with the FlowFit Challenge!


One of my favorite things to do is play (and practice!) outside. I can’t wait to do yoga on my deck in the mid morning sun,  and hope to start incorporating steel mace into my front porch flows this summer!

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I consider myself a recovering perfectionist. When I set goals, it can be easy for me to get discouraged. It can be easy for me to say “make my bed every morning” and when I miss a day, I’ll throw up my hands in instant defeat. It’s my commitment that, with the help of the Flow Shala Tribe, even if a workout gets missed, I’ll be gentle on myself and carry on.