Setting Time Away; The Challenge

My name is Gentri Watson, and I’m a wellness facilitator. I’ve just recently started attending classes at Flow Shala, and prior to that I’ve taken a handful of classes with Summer over the last 4 years. I’ve been teaching yoga since 2009 and recently completed leading my first 200-hour yoga teacher training in Bellingham.


I’m also a massage therapist and am currently enrolled in an herbal medicinal course. I’m deeply committed to facilitating wellness in my community by helping people access their personal power through mind-body connection, authentic personal expression and healthy lifestyle. I’m excited to participate in the Summer FlowFit Challenge specifically because I sometimes only have 20-30 minutes to devote to exercise in a day and I occasionally get tired of the things I already do. I love learning new ways to move and connect with my body. My schedule is sometimes unpredictable day to day and varies greatly which occasionally means that I don’t end up getting the exercise that I crave, so I’d like to be on more of a set schedule as far as my personal time devoted to movement.


I love feeling strong! Clubbell yoga and Steel mace are my favorite classes at Flow Shala because they challenge my strength and coordination and they're super fun. I’m excited to learn FlowFit because I spend almost all my free time outside and look forward to practicing in the mountains, by the water and on my back deck.

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I practice yoga and meditation daily, although at different times every day. The area that needs the most attention, is establishing a rhythm in my week so that I carve out time to do my daily yoga practice in addition to strength training/cardio. I’ve studied the chakras in depth, in addition to energy anatomy according to the science of yoga. My personal study and experience has been deeply integrated into the way that I work with myself and my insights into life, people, and the world around me.

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