Recomitting to Training

My name is Bethany Lauren and I am a Clubbell and power yoga instructor. I have known Summer personally for over 10 years and have been practicing and training with her for about 5 years (I was very resistant at first). I come from a traditional training background, loved the gym and strength training. But it was after I was injured that I took the time to learn and train with Summer. I love CBY and power yoga - I cannot speak enough of the impact that it has had on my life. I feel like I am still at the beginning this journey that is movement and love every minute of it. I can't get enough.

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Life gets busy and in the last several months I have lost some of the self care practices that I had implemented over the last year. I see the FlowFit Challenge as an opportunity to bring them back, and create the space in my life to reconnect with myself and my training. I feel ready to make that commitment to my self again and know that in meeting this need that I have that it will allow me to step more fully into the rest of my life. 


To me being in Flow means to be fully present and engrossed in what ever it is that you are doing in that moment. I have experienced it during a yoga/Clubbell practice and once while I was teaching. Which actually was really quite amazing. I look forward to finding a deeper understanding and hopefully access it more often during the FlowFit Challenge.


The biggest struggle I have in my personal development and coaching is staying on track. Being consistent in the emotional practice. Pushing my self physically. I find that I can settle into a pretty nice routine where I feel comfortable. Not allowing life to take over. Sometimes just not being sure where to start or how to grow further into my practice.



Right now, the only ritual that I have begun to incorporate into my week, is my ashtanga practice with Summer. That small window of time has become a consistent part of my week that I look forward too. Both in the ability to connect with a good friend and myself. Getting back to the roots of my practice allows me to step forth into the rest of my day with a sense of purpose.


I am stoked about this challenge because it will take me outside of my normal routine. I know that it will require me to be fully present and intentional in my day to day life. I love to be pushed emotionally, mentally and physically and sometimes having the accountability for a period of time allows for that focus to come back. 

Summer Huntington