Embrace the Wave

I’m Adrienne, and I have studied under and with Summer since 2013! I began interning with her during my sophomore year in college and see myself working with her for a long time. Summer was the first person to open my eyes to a career of entrepreneurship and quality movement education. Her influence helped me decide to become a Structural Medicine specialist which has been a HUGE addition to my understanding of the body and increased my commitment to working in the realm of movement and healing in my life.


To me, the Summer FlowtFit Challenge is an opportunity to continue in the direction of reestablishing my movement practice. I injured my hip a year ago, so my movement practice got pretty light and irregular. Looking forward to making a shift towards higher energy work, and reintegrating the structure of the 4-day wave into my week.



In addition to being a movement coach, I am a bodyworker, so I spend many hours working at a massage table with clients. This helps give space for little rituals like stretching on my massage table after my last client/before cleaning up the space and using RAD Rolling equipment to counter the toll my job has on my shoulders and neck.

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I am really excited to begin doing more strength training and get to know mace! I have stayed away from most weight training practices for sake of my hip, and I really miss the positive impact it had on all the yoga, stretching and outdoor activities I am exploring (like rock climbing!).


I’d say the biggest struggle I have in coaching myself is implementing timing and interval work. Since the majority of my work is focused on fine tuning alignment and quality of movement, I can easily forget to focus on the quantitative measurements of my workouts. Sure, I’ll easily fit an hour or two in, but won’t use a timer like when you do a killer Flow Fit conditioning pyramid. Good thing is, that’s about to change!

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Summer Huntington