Finding Focus


Hi. My name is Alise, I am the assistant manager for FlowShala. I just recently started studying movement with Summer and the amazing coaches at the FlowShala studio. Working with coaches like Summer, Maia, Bethany, Kate has really humbled me to how much I still do not know but can and will learn with time and focus! This studio has really provided an opportunity for me to reconnect with my body and how much I love movement.



To me the Summer FlowFit Challenge is about tapping back into my body’s power and focus which I have but don’t always spend time accessing. This challenge will provide a blueprint to access my potential. I believe this blueprint will leave a lasting impression on my habits and attitudes which I will be able to tap back into at any point in my life. 



I often find it hard to be in Flow. I have a bit of an ADD personality and find it hard to focus on a single task. When I can focus on a single task and provide it my full attention, that’s what Flow feels like to me. In my practice, being in Flow is that moment you aren’t looking at the instructor for help, instead are tapping into your body and focusing on and feeling your muscles move.



Rituals are super important. I am terrible at keeping my rituals consistent. One of the reasons for this is because I have been going through a lot of transitions in my life: switching jobs, changing schedules, transitioning into summer, moving into a new house. I really look forward to finding what works for me and how I can use that ritual no matter where I am.



One of the biggest struggles I have in my own personal development is slacking or putting things off. I tend to put things on the backburner quite often until the stove catches on fire. I also tend to give less than my 100% effort. The FlowFit Challenge will definitely teach me a bit more discipline. I think what will be important is having a clear start date, end date and check-ins along the way.



I’m stoked to embark on this journey of Flowfit Challenge because it’s been a long time since I’ve pushed myself. This challenge will afford me simply that: a challenge. I’m going to learn so much about myself along the way.

Summer Huntington