Here We Come 2019...

WOW, is it really January? 2018 went by so fast, with our studio opening in May, the Flow State Summit event in July, Summer Huntington launching new online courses and our studio starting its' 6-week class series format in November. A LOT has kept the Flow Shala team busy. We look forward to continuing being leaders in functional fitness, mindful movement, behavioral change, flow state psychology, and stability in Bellingham.

Looking back can you even believe how much you fit into 365 days? What can you do with another 365?

Yeah that may seem like a lot of days, and crazy to think that you can do something AWESOME for yourself and others EVERY SINGLE DAY! You really can change old habits that don’t serve you, love yourself, love others, have a job you love and make your big dreams come true… it just takes a little bit day-by-day.

If you’re looking to kickstart your new year goals, Summer Huntington’s online course: 6-Weeks To Flow will train mindset and flow for your work/ life balance. Discounted course available HERE! There are tons of other online courses curated by Summer Huntington, so you can gain the tools and knowledge to continue your healthy fitness and mindset education at home!

We are offering a 6-week bootcamp series to those who are not joking around about getting in shape. What this includes is 6 private sessions with one of our coaches, 6 group classes, access to our online 6-week challenge and a homework/ journal material. We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Find out more at our website.

Speaking of awesome, we have some great new classes on our schedule this January and February. I’d like to introduce some of our new coaches and what opportunities of awesomeness they are bringing to you this year. 2019 is starting out STRONG!

Our studio is now offering Qi Gong taught by Kelsi Ervin. Kelsi is a family physician following her calling to support people in optimizing how they feel, think, and move. 
She enjoys uncovering the unique aspects of each individual and helping people understand how their bodies and minds work. 

Dr. Ervin is a certified instructor of Yi Ren Medical Qigong and teaches this form of martial arts at Flow Shala every Wednesday night at 5:30 pm! Her course teaches the foundational exercises for internal Qi-energy activation, cultivation, grounding and circulation.

The purpose is to activate and stabilize the energy field, increase internal energy levels and develop the body’s internal energetic communication system.

In part 1, you will learn the internal energy activation exercises, which involve activating the “lifegate” or battery pack of our energy system, followed by cultivating our energy centers and grounding our internal energy.

Continuing into part 2, you will learn how to activate our marrow and brain gates, which involves connecting with our autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS is the body’s control system, enabling and empowering us to balance and harmonize our internal organ functions. Circulation of the Du and Ren meridians through the Small Universe exercise is key to our information management system.

These Qi-energy based exercises will increase vitality and creativity, enhance immunity and self-healing, and improve the quality of life.

We also welcome Calypso Saliba to our team!


Calypso’s athletic and embodiment practice has been a great place of joy, learning and connection throughout her life. Beginning with sports like soccer and later rugby, then discovering the joys of yoga, dance and circus, Calypso has spent tens of thousands of hours in physical training, meditative embodiment and health.

She has taught children’s acrobatics classes at the Circus Center and AcroSports in San Francisco, and currently teaches contact improvisation, performance and workout classes for adults. Of late she has been influenced and guided in dance practice through the practice of Axis Syllabus and Somatics.

Passionate about addressing transformational on many levels, Calypso is also Certified as a practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Neuroliguist Programming and Theta Healing, and has completed a 17 day silent meditation retreat, among others. 

Calypso will be teaching a Core Conditioning class at Flow Shala Monday 5:30PM and it is a great workout! Join us to get a good workout for your body while dropping into the mind-body connection in ways that activate your well being and growth.


Last but not least Charleen Hess is coming back to our studio! Some of you might have met this lady beast when she subbed for a Clubbell yoga class at our studio, for those who haven’t met Charleen she is one of the strongest coaches with a knack for creating compelling visuals to aid you in proper alignment.

Charleen is a Certified Personal Trainer and a CST instructor using and applying the methodology of the CST Circular Strength Training, which is a 3- Ring System integrating joint mobility, multi-planar progressive resistance and compensatory movement. Her passion is to get you moving freely & painlessly. Combining 20 years of experience in the field, she hopes to provide a fun, expressive, educational atmosphere for you to train & find your flow.  

She will be teaching High Intensity Functional Training (H.I.I.T. workout) Wed. 6:30- 7:30 AM . The class will be a 60 minute FUNctional fitness class. We will be using clubbell athletics, kettlebells, med balls, parralettes and even hula hoops combined with H.I.I.T. and TACFIT timing protocols. This full body workout will get your heart pumping as you challenge your body, learning new skills that strengthen your muscles and gives you the space to express yourself through movement!


Also noteworthy, studio manager Alise Skiba will be teaching a FREE Community Class on Thursdays at 8:30 AM. Alise is training to get her clubbell yoga certification completed and will teach a 6-week series starting Jan. 14th.

Due to popular demand we are bringing back our Sunday night restorative Yoga class at 6PM! Come in and get juicy-loosey muscles after a long week of work and play! We also are offering Clubbell Yoga again taught by Adrienne Fridays at 7:00AM. Don’t forget to sign up online!

Don’t forget that open enrollment goes until January 13th, new class series run Jan 14th-Mar. 3rd. Time to choose your favorite classes and start getting dedicated to your goals, your health and your self! Bring a friend, new clients get first 3 classes for $20!

Other updates: We now offer a 30% discount for college students and private coaching at Flow Shala.

In 2019 and beyond there is so much potential in you to do what ever you want and accomplish all of your goals, and our team at Flow Shala is excited to help you however we can. Feel free to book your FREE Consultation with coach Summer HERE to start your new year with a clear vison!

So excited to make functional group and private coaching accessible to Bellingham’s fitness community. We hope that you want to grow with us in this new year. Looking forward to building community, strength and mobility. Together we are stronger. Cheers!

Summer Huntington