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What is the Online Studio? 

Summer started her Fit Body Wellness online studio in 2017 in an effort to bring high level educational courses to her students around the globe. If you would like to learn how to become your own coach, and have the professional support to access Flow at home, these courses are for you. All levels welcome, just carve out the time for learning. 

Check out the videos below to get a feel for the courses!

Massive Savings on Online Courses 

Click the links below for full description of course, and to get access to Coach Summer's most popular courses with huge discounts. 


Steel Mace Vinyasa Lv1- (60% Off)


Pure Mobility featuring RAD Roller for $149 (full price $249)

Steel Mace Flow™ 52 Video Tutorials for $199 (full Price $599)

Kinesiologyoga 101 Course 80 Video Tutorials for $197 (save $300)


Momentum 8 week Flow State of Mind Primer Course for $149 (full price $399)


Steel Mace Vinyasa Lvl 2- Fluidity (60% OFF)

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