What our clients are saying about the Flow Shala studio!!


Jenny Reid

“ I have been going to Flow Shala since they opened in May and can't say enough good things about the classes and instructors. The type of movements that we do in class are much more dynamic than any other yoga or strength training class I have taken in the past. I feel stronger, more toned and more flexible than ever and I look forward to going to class because it's always different. Using tools like the clubbells, mace and Rad rollers are key to toning and improving muscle flexibility and function. “


Lu Banyan

So many things set this studio apart from all the others: its teachers, its classes and its gorgeous atmosphere. The teachers share their knowledge, illustrate it in flow, push the students to their edge with sincere coaching and kindness. The physical, mental and energetic aspects of yoga and flow are utilized in balance leaving the students reinvigorated, nourished and stronger. Steel mace and self myofascial release (RAD mobility) classes make this studio unique and cutting edge. The team behind Flow Shala have created something Bellingham is going to fall deeply in love with!


Scott Ryckman

Summer and crew are fantastic instructors! If you’re looking to get strong, functionally fit, and are ready to try some fun and different training programs this place is awesome! Great vibe and amazing mind/body approach to fitness! Try it and you will be hooked....just be prepared to drop your old gym membership.


Christine Byrne

I came to this studio via the 6 week challenge, and even though I was in the program with a lot of other people(40+ I believe?), it never felt like it. Any time I needed to get in touch with Summer she responded right away. The unique classes here make it worth checking out alone - think swinging maces and clubbell’s along with restorative classes. Many classes are offered throughout the day and I can always find something to fit my schedule. If you are ready to make some big changes in a supportive non-judgmental environment, this is a great place to start.