Friends Flow Referral Program


Welcome to our special referral program!

You've been given this link by someone who thinks you'd be a good fit for our Flow Shala community. You may have heard about our signature 6 Week Transformation Challenge program, we've enrolled 130 Bellingham residents in our program since January and it has been a transformative experience for many. 

Make sure to tell us who referred YOU at your meeting at our studio


Who is it for? 

The 6 Week Challenge is designed for people who want a drastic shift in lifestyle, people who want to transform their bodies, people who want accountability, motivation, people who want to shed fat by eating healthy and stress reduction techniques that work. 



What you get: 

  • Unlimited Classes for 6 Weeks at our expert coaching facility 

  • Nutrition Manual with 42 recipes, tips and tricks for maximizing weight loss (and keeping it off)

  • Accountability Check ins with our team every week

  • Online Workouts & Mindset Coaching tactics that work

  • Community + Connection

  • Fun & Powerful Workouts for any fitness level 

  • So much more…


On the fence? 

Check out these real testimonials from clients who have done the 6 Week challenge and had amazing results. These are real people, committing to a lifestyle of Flow. That is what we are all about! Don't wait another second to schedule your FREE consult to see if you are a good fit for the program. 

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Meet your Coach Summer Huntington, MS

Summer Huntington holds a Masters in Kinesiology, an advanced 500 Hour Yoga Teacher training and has over 20,000 hours of movement coaching experience. She founded a comprehensive strength & yoga curriculum in 2011, and has taught her seminars globally. Summer is an expert in both Flow psychological applications as well as training applications, and specializes in mobility education. Her thesis examined Worksite Wellness interventions, and she continues to consult privately for Corporate Wellness clients, as well as in her signature Flow State of Mind Coaching. She owns and operates two local fitness studios Flow Shala & Fit Body Wellness, plus an online studio and a leads a team of wellness professionals, all in Flow.