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Dr. Theresa Murry - Chiropractor at Murray Chiropractic in Bellingham, WA

My health and fitness results over the past 4 months have been impressive working under the guidance of Summer Huntington. Her education and watchful eye ensure a mechanically sound, most comprehensive exercise program. I have dropped 16 pounds, over 15 inches, and my flexibility and core have not felt stronger and more functional in years! I recommend this to virtually all of my patients. Cheers to ongoing exercise therapy with Summer!”


Tom Carron - Weekly Comic Relief!

I began private training at Fit Body Wellness with Megan Percy in August/September 2017 and am still training with her on a weekly basis. I originally started because as I got older (I am currently 62)  I wanted to improve my mobility and flexibility.  I wasn’t getting this doing traditional strength training.  


This type of training was completely foreign to me and is hard to explain as it is combination of many disciplines using primarily just body weight.  I was definitely intimidated when I started but am so happy that I stuck with it.  The changes to my body have been gradual but amazing.  We have been able to focus on various parts of the body like back, hips, shoulders, hamstrings, and ankles with a multitude of different exercises.  Every week is a pleasant surprise. I have learned to use and feel muscles I didn’t even know I had.  My posture has improved, I can actually touch my toes now (never been able to in my life), shoulders are looser, I walk better, and also gained strength.  Two of the other amazing benefits I have received were learning how to really breathe and how to relax.  These two things have proven to be invaluable to me!


But, what has really kept me coming back is Megan.  I can’t imagine working with a better coach.  She is so patient, always encouraging, tough when she needs to be, and we always have fun.  It is also very clear that she cares about every one of her clients.  I have spoken to people who train before or after me and they all say how lucky they feel to have Megan as a coach.  She really pays attention to your workout and will have you make slight adjustments to your exercise to get more out of it or just do it correctly.  It is always quality over quantity.  Her three favorite phrases to me are: “Breath Tom, Core Tom, and Shoulder Pack Tom.” You will get to know what these mean too!


If you are looking to try something different from going to a health club or gym or to try a less traditional style of training (at least to me), give Fit Body Wellness a try.


Linda - Traveler, Fitness Junkie, Professional

“Working with Fit Body Wellness has been a great experience because she isn’t just about exercising but about overall mental and physical health. One of the reasons I chose to train here was because they custom tailor my plan and workout to what works for me individually regarding my lifestyle, my fitness level, and my interests. They help me set up goals that are the perfect balance between challenging me enough to keep me engaged and not bored without overdoing it or pushing me to the point where I become discouraged. The clubbell workout is very different from anything I have done before and I love the concept of working my overall body rather than just isolating one muscle at a time – I feel stronger, more coordinated, and energized. As a beginner to training, I was a little intimidated at the thought of working with a trainer; however Summer, Megan, and Adrienne have proven to be an excellent trainers for this beginner and supportive, enthusiastic motivators! They rock!”

Linda, Bellingham, WA


Marli Williams - Academic Support Coordinator, Community Collaborator

Summer is incredible! She knows so much about fitness and the body it blows my mind. She is great at coaching you and pushing you harder than you would by yourself in order to get the results you are looking for. Summer is also incredibly responsive to any questions I have at all and it is amazing to feel like she has my back in getting where I want to go with stepping up my game with my strength and fitness levels. I highly recommend personal training with Summer and if you haven't done Clubbell Yoga yet - you have to try it! It is amazing :)


Travis Janeway - Graphic Designer, Movement Enthusiast, Chaser of Shiny Things

Excellent instruction! Their classes have a fantastic flow and I never feel like I am training outside the "safe zone". Having dealt with low back issues for many years I tend to be cautious with how and where I train. Every class I have attended (Clubbell Yoga & TacFit) I feel more connected to my body, more mobile and like i have let go of most or all of the pain i face with my back issues. Extremely sustainable approach to fitness!


I can’t thank Megan enough for all she’s done for me; she really provided an amazing experience! Megan is very experienced, skilled, and delightful to work with. She’s great at explaining the logic and rationale behind various activities. She never made me embarrassed, even when I wasn’t able to remember daily exercise routines. She tailored each exercise to me depending on how I was feeling that day. Having had been a very weak person who rarely exercised my whole life, Megan’s kind flexibility and considerate patience have been truly transformative. She’s also knowledgeable about structural alignment, which was invaluable in addressing any pain I experienced. After just a few months of working with Megan, I’m now pain free!