Flow State Campout…

Founded by Summer Huntington -

Flow State Campout started as “Flow State Summit” in 2018 which was a 3-day event with experts in Flow coming from all around the U.S. The 2019 Campout is a scaled down version of the Summit, creating a more accessible and communal event for our local community! The goal was to create an event that merged multiple disciplines, and to demonstrate that we are stronger together. To show that we can skill share, create and learn in an outdoor environment. We can share community breakfast together, and swim and paddle board and play together while learning.

The first annual Flow State Summit absolutely surpassed expectations as an event, and the pure bliss mode that was felt by all was near incredible. It was the palpable energy created by group Flow State. We all put our devices behind, and connected. Like a big adult summer camp, with art and nourishing conversations and big smiles and amazing experiences.

“ I’ll never forget walking up from the floating dock DJ set to the big cedar stage and seeing Mark Wildman with 40 people fighting each other beautifully with bamboo staffs. It was one of the many moments at the Summit that just melted my heart.

Aside from all of that, I absolutely love the entire production team of about 55 plus people who produce, build, create, perform and facilitate at the Summit. We are like a Flow tribe, and we do it because we love it. “

— Summer and Flow State Summit Team